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Sign up for Fathym

To get started with OpenBiotech’s tools, simply sign up for fathym for free on the Fathym website. This will give you access to the Fathym Platform, IoT Ensemble and Habistack.

First you will land on the Fathym platform dashboard. To get started with OpenBiotech, let’s navigate to the IoT Ensemble dashboard. In the navbar, click Discover.

Dashboard Header Links

Then select and launch IoT Ensemble.

Launch IoT Ensemble Card

Introducing IoT Ensemble

Fathym IoT Ensemble enables users to rapidly connect devices and ingest and process device data for cloud applications.

In only a few clicks you'll be able to work with custom and emulated device data. We'll walk through connecting a device, and once set up, show how to access device data and connect it with downstream services: pre-configured app and dashboard templates, Power BI reports or machine learning services.


IoT Ensemble is an out-of-the-box and intuitive control system for connecting devices, understanding data and connecting with application templates and downstream services. Easy to hook up devices to the cloud and initiate the flow of device data, IoT Ensemble automatically splits ingested device data into 3 streams – hot, warm and cold data flows.

  • The hot flow gives near-real-time information via web sockets and/or message queuing directly into applications such as dashboards.

  • The warm flow and its database are accessible via built-in REST API and route data into a time-series window for analytics, alerts, dashboards and more.

  • The cold flow is for long-term, larger data storage – also accessible via built-in REST API for AI/ML and deep analytics.