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Welcome to OpenBiotech

OpenBiotech is a set of tools for rapidly assembling cloud-based web applications powered by biosensor data. From device to cloud to app, OpenBiotech’s tools offer a cloud-based application pathway. This pathway brings greater access and simplicity to IoT, cloud and application development technologies, but without sacrificing control and ownership or compromising future development options, scalability and security.

OpenBiotech is powered by Fathym and its tools: Fathym Platform, IoT Ensemble and Habistack.

Fathym’s tools in turn draw from Microsoft Azure, curating Azure services with best practice configurations and streamlined tooling. These tools can be licensed through OpenBiotech’s SaaS offering or run on a customer’s own Azure cloud for maximum control.

  • Fathym Platform: An out-of-the-box app deployment platform, it is the central hub for assembling, integrating and launching cloud-based applications. The platform also gives users ready-made and open-source templates and pre-configured automations for launching cloud applications and dashboards. The platform has three interfaces: a web application, CLI and the new Thinky AI bot.

  • IoT Ensemble: An out-of-the-box IoT cloud that automates Azure IoT cloud services for ingesting and processing data for cloud applications. Native integration with the Fathym platform to turn device data into cloud apps.

  • Habistack: Habistack is the most flexible, cloud-native API for delivering machine learning and statistics-based forecasts with any combination of variables. Native integration with the Fathym platform to turn advanced ML forecasts into cloud apps.

Together these tools provide an intuitive and powerful device > cloud > app flow. The following docs will guide you through that flow.

The next section details how to get set up with OpenBiotech and establish your device to cloud flow.