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Introducing Fathym OpenBiotech

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Fathym OpenBiotech is a platform designed to facilitate the rapid integration, assembly and deployment of cloud-based applications and services powered by biosensor data. It provides a cloud-based application pathway that substantially simplifies cloud, IoT, DevOps and application development processes, without sacrificing control and ownership.

Key features of OpenBiotech include:

  • Cloud-native: From device to cloud to app, an end-to-end cloud interface leveraging Azure and curated for biosensing.

  • No Development Skills Needed: OpenBiotech simplifies and streamlines cloud, IoT and DevOps technologies – you don’t need development expertise.

  • Ownership and Control: Despite its simplicity, OpenBiotech does not compromise on control and ownership. Users maintain access to services, resources and data in Azure.

  • Get Started Fast: Get going immediately with streamlined workflows, infrastructure automation, pre-configured dashboards and open-source app templates.

  • Send Data Anywhere: APIs and pre-configured integrations to securely send device data to any app, tool or system.

  • Curate, Personalize and Scale: Modify and extend the platform’s open-source modules, automate integrations and reconfigure underlying cloud services to adapt as needs and tech stacks evolve.

All this makes OpenBiotech a powerful, intuitive and highly flexible tool for anyone – whether scientist, researcher or developer – looking to leverage biosensor data in the cloud.

To get started with OpenBiotech, there is a setup workflow that guides users step-by-step through connecting to an Azure cloud subscription, selecting and provisioning data infrastructure options, configuring APIs and dashboard services, and flowing real or simulated device data to the cloud.

In the next getting started sections, we will guide you through this initial setup workflow.